Lesson Plans

How can we address this subject in a classroom situation? Teachers always ask this question, and as a result we are developing a series of Lesson Plans that will assist teachers in using our website resources.

In each case the Lesson Plan includes an explanation of the pedagogical objectives relevant to the school curriculum. This is followed by outlines for structured activities focused on the theme, as well as suggestions for methods of encouraging student participation and completing necessary assessments.

In each case the Lesson Plan is related to one or more of our website features. To make full use of the Lesson Plans, teachers should follow the link to the relevant features on our site, which include additional information and other materials suitable for background preparation or class use.

Links to Lesson Plans:

  1. Lesson Plan No. 1: Summer Wages
  2. Lesson Plan No. 2: Daniel MacMillan, 1917
  3. Lesson Plan No. 3: Minto, 1932
  4. Lesson Plan No. 4: Solidarity Awards
  5. Lesson Plan No. 5: Escuminac, 1959
  6. Lesson Plan No. 6: Hot Cargo, 1979

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