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We respect the privacy of those who visit our website ( as well as the privacy of those who assist us in the Labour History in New Brunswick Project. The terms of our online privacy policy are detailed below in the three following sections:

Forms: We use forms to collect historical and personal information. In the latter case, the names and contact information (address, phone, fax, email) provided by a person are kept confidential and are not to be shared with a third party.

Cookies: Our website puts “cookies” on your computer when you update the information in Your Profile (from the Email Alerts page). We use these “cookies” to improve the update process, but the data collected is deleted as soon as you close your browser. Any change in this policy will be reported here.

IP Addresses: We do not log Internet addresses or the location of your computer when you visit our website. However, this information may be recorded by the institutional webmaster if you try to access restricted or non-existent pages. The data collected during an intrusion or navigation error may be shared with the project webmaster, and used to improve the virtual experience of those who come to the LHTNB website.

If you have concerns about our online privacy policy, we ask that you contact us through the Feedback page.

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