Contested Territory:
Transformation of the Woods

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Life and Work in Stanley Parish at the Time of the Great War


MAP: Northern York County, New Brunswick

Working people throughout New Brunswick made enormous contributions and sacrifices to country and empire during the First World War. While these sacrifices and the long-term implications for individuals and communities have often been overlooked by historians, the diaries of Daniel MacMillan, a York County farmer, tell the story of rural working-class life during the Great War in vivid detail. War on the Home Front: The Farm Diaries of Daniel MacMillan, 1914–1927 is the story of a man who, like so many other small-scale farmers in the province, feverishly worked his farm and woodlot in an effort to provide as much assistance as possible to the war effort. The diaries testify to the fact that the war not only took an enormous emotional toll on rural workers, but also caused economic hardships that lasted long after the fighting ended.

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