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Minto, 1932

In Memory Of . . .

IN MEMORY OF . . .: This is the plaque in front of the old train station, now the Minto Museum, on Main Street, Minto. It was erected by the Minto Bi-Centennial Committee and originally unveiled in front of the Centennial Arena on 11 June 1983.

On a large rock outside the old train station in Minto, there is a plaque commemorating the death of three children and two men on 28 July 1932. This tragedy took place in an abandoned mine shaft in the heart of the New Brunswick coal country. Those who lost their lives that day were Alan Gaudine, 9, and two brothers, Vernon Stack, 10 and Cyril Stack, 12, and two coal miners, both fathers of large families, who came to their rescue, Vernon Betts, 32 and Thomas Gallant, 43. In 1983 the people of Minto created this memorial near the original site of the disaster in order to remind us of an event which was not only a terrible tragedy but was also a turning point in the history of the coal miners.

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