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Day of Mourning: The Atholville Monument

The Atholville Monument

THE ATHOLVILLE MONUMENT: The tear-drop shape symbolizes grief and compassion. A yellow canary is depicted on the monument, reminding us that, in the past, miners used to send canaries down the mineshaft to test the toxicity of the air.

It was in 2005 that the idea arose of erecting a monument to the memory of the many victims of work-related accidents in Restigouche, a region in northern New Brunswick which includes the communities of Atholville, Campbellton and Dalhousie. Thanks to the people of Atholville and their tradition of solidarity marches, it was not difficult for the Restigouche District Labour Council (Conseil du travail de la région Restigouche) to make a decision on the location of the monument. With its unusually strong tradition of solidarity, Atholville was the ideal place for it.

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